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Preseason Weight Training

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In-Season Weight Training

Lying Leg Crossovers (Obliques)
Barbell Good Mornings (Lower Back)
Barbell Pullover (Pectorals & Ribcage)
Seated Side Lateral Raise (Front & Outer Deltoids)
Wide-Grip Front Lat Pull-Down (Lower Lats)
Standing Dumbbell Triceps Curl(Outer Triceps)
Step-Ups with Barbell (Upper Thighs)
Freehand Side Lunge (Inner Thighs & Hamstrings)
Seated Dumbbell Palms-Down Wrist Curl (Outside Forearms)

Off Season Weight Training

Seated Barbell Twists (Obliques)
Hyperextensions (Lower Back)
Flat Dumbbell Press (Pectorals)
Medium-Grip Straight-Arm Barbell Pullover (Pectorals & Ribcage)
Standing Military Press (Front & Outer Deltoids)
Head-Supported Rowing (Upper Back & Lats)
Seated High Lat Pull-In (Upper Lats & Upper Back)
Dips (Pectorals & Triceps)
Seated Dumbbell Curl (Biceps & Forearms)
Seated Palms-Up Barbell Wrist Curl (Outside Forearms)
Seated Palms-Down Barbell Wrist Curl (Inside Forearms)
Freehand Front Lunge (Thighs & Calves)
Side Lunges (Inner Thighs, Outside Thighs)

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